Tatyana Radionova - Master of Medicinal Herbs
  Surgical diseases
Varicose veins

Treatment: curing ointment for external use, medicinal drug for oral
intake lower blood coagulability, prevent formation of blood clots and
help resolution of existing clots in blood vessels.

Bedsore - soft tissue necrosis

Treatment: bedsore ointment has bactericidal action, rapidly cleans
wounds and contributes to quick healing of the tissue.
Burns (first- to third-degree)

Burn ointment acts quickly. It relieves pain and heals wounds without
leaving disfiguring scars.

before and 10 days after


Treatment: a collection of medicinal herbs restores function of
the gastrointestinal tract. A very efficient haemorrhoids ointment
relieves pain, reduces inflammation, stops bleeding, heals
anal fissures, strengthens blood vessel walls of hemorrhoidal bolus.


haemorrhoids before and after

haemorrhoids before and after:


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