Tatyana Radionova - Master of Medicinal Herbs
  Skin and subcutaneous fat diseases
Alopecia (baldness)
alopecia medicinal agent improves blood circulation,
stimulates hair bulbs function, provides anti-inflammatory action,
regenerates hair growth and makes it shine, helps fight baldness,
eliminates dandruff.

Cutaneous fungus (dermatophyte), fingernail and toenail fungus
Fungus cure agent provides antibacterial action, destroys fungus cells
and relieves itching

Herpes - skin contamination and mucous tunic infection caused by virus.
Treatment: anti-herpes agent from natural components and medicinal herbs
provides antiviral action and stops virus reproduction in affected tissue.

caused by ticks in sebaceous glands of the body and face.
Treatrment: moistening agent and demodicidosis ointment possess
anti-inflammation and bactericidal action, destroy demodicidosis
structure, relieve itching, rehabilitate skin tissue.



Psoriasis (alphos)
Treatment: complex therapy gives maximum effect. psoriasis ointment and
"healing water" for external use, a collection of medicinal herbs
and roots for oral intake.
Improvements become perceptible after 4-7 days of treatment.


2 months after:





Psoriasis before amd after treatment:



Erysipelatous inflammation
infectious disease with characteristic skin inflammation having
distinct boundaries.
Treatment: efficient non-traditional procedure removes erysipelatous

Trophic (venous stasis) ulcer
Trophic ulcer before and after treatment:


intoxication trophic ulcer before and after treatment:

Trophic ulcer with aftereffects before and after treatment:


Common acne (acne vulgaris)

Treatment: a collection of medicinal herbs and roots taken orally
restores function of digestive tract and immune system. Medicinal agent
for external use provides anti-inflammatory and soothing action.

Eczema (inflammatory skin disease)
Treatment: a collection of rare medicinal herbs removes irritation
and restores liver function. Cleaning medicinal agent and ointment
provide anti-inflammatory action, soothe itching and burning, remove
skin reddening.

Nipple cracks, heel fissures
Treatment: crack & fissure ointment possesses bactericidal and wound
healing activity. Works quickly with good result.

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