Tatyana Radionova - Master of Medicinal Herbs

Endocrine diseases and metabolizm disorders

Thyroid gland diseases
thyroid gland curing balsam blocks irritability and tachycardia,
reduces the fatiguability, suppresses trembling and hyperhidrosis.
Improves stamina.

Climacteric (menopausal) syndrome
climacteric balsam brings soothing effect, has restorative
and pain relieving action, regulates menstrual cycles.

Diabetes Mellitus
diabetes drops lower blood sugar, reduce agitation, irritability,
fatiguability and asthenia.

Obesity (overweight)
A collection of medicinal herbs and roots will help to loose weight,
improve metabolizm, lower appetite, clean your body from waste products.

Decreased immunity
"Julanjubin" immune system enhancer made from rose petals will restore
your natural immunity to various diseases.



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