Tatyana Radionova - Master of Medicinal Herbs

About myself...

Tatyana Radionova

Originally the medicinal recipes were collected by my grand grand mother.
Then from my grandmother Sofia Evstratova who was Doctor of medicine of Zurich
university and family doctor and friend of V.K.Arsenev, the famous Russian writer and ethnographist they were inherited by my mother. She was a therapist with over 50 years experience of setting diagnoses to her patients. I was next in the chain.

I made improvements and advances to the big part of the family heritage but at the same time I always tried to follow the experience of medicinal tradition and keep up with its spirit.
All my medicinal agents are phytogenous and contain no hormones.

My personal experience allows me to name my specials, the most successful and efficient remedies in my collection.
At present these are my burn ointment, ointments for trophic [venous stasis]
ulcers, psoriasis and haemorrhoids. Also very efficient are ointment for treating arthrosis, anti-fungus drug, drops for teeth ache relief and paradontosis prevention, rhinopharyngitis drops, prostatitis soothing balm, anti-herpes drug, furuncle remedy, pine-tree juice bronchitis medicine, "Julanjubin" immune system enhancer, rejuvenation creams and lotions that prevent skin wrinkles. Many of these remedies would increase substantially the effectiveness of your medicine chest.

I am grateful to my patients for numerous letters and phone calls where they share with me their joy of healing. It gives me the inspiration to continue my work to help people. Some of the feedback can be viewed on this web site and in a series of newspaper publications.

Take care and be healthy.

Mailing address:
T. Radionova, 13 Figner Street, Kharkov 61020 Ukraine
Tel. 38 (057) 376-32-32
,  38-097-925-73-97 (cell)